Whatever your problem, Wine Superhero will save the day!


The complex winemaking process has many variables that affect the quality and style of the wine produced. Wine Superhero’s unique ability to combine expert technical experience alongside market knowledge and customer insight, allows him to review the winemaking process and improve its design to better meet your target market or customer expectations.

Appropriate wine quality and style is a critical component of creating or maintaining a successful wine brand and our hero can ensure you produce a wine that always hits the spot.

Wine Range Assessment

Presenting the best possible list of wines to your customers is another vital factor for a thriving wine business. This is just as crucial for a large UK multiple retailer as it is for a great restaurant with a small bespoke wine list. Adding excitement and ambition to a range makes it stand out from the crowd, and increases its chance of success.

The first step is a full assessment of your current wine list or range, along with a review of its suitability for your customers. The next step is to implement a new wine range, aligning it to a clear business strategy, to ensure the best and most complimentary wines are being chosen for your specific customer.


Bulk Wine Shipment and Bottling

Moving wine in bulk, and then bottling it in its intended market destination, has radically changed the winemaking process over the last decade.  Correct initial planning of the process or reviewing current practices ensures that the wine quality is maintained. Implementing critical methods and safeguards to protect wine quality throughout its journey is also crucial.

Managing bulk wine shipment and the in-market bottling process is a skill that few have the experience to master but Wine Superhero has been overseeing bulk shipment for the last ten years and even wrote his Masters of Wine thesis on the subject.

Wine Business Network

Understanding the wine consumer and the wine market, and knowing its many buying organisations and people, gives Wine Superhero a unique insight into promoting wine or wine related concepts from a business perspective. He is also perfectly positioned to interface with wine retailers or major multiple grocers, utilising his extensive network on behalf of the client to promote a wine concept or brand.


Wine Entertainment

Tasting a range of wines from around the world is a brilliant way to bring people together. Wine Superhero can prepare and deliver wine tastings for private individuals and corporate clients, perfectly facilitating interaction between people and providing a memorable way to entertain a group.

Tastings can be arranged in different formats from the more serious, formal teaching session to a casual, relaxed and fun tasting experience.

Wine Brand Benchmarking

Understanding the quality and style of a wine brand within its market sector is another important factor towards assessing how customers perceive your wines. Benchmarking sessions put your wine in a blind tasting format against its competitors. This powerfully helps brand owners distinguish the actual relative value of their product, allowing them to make any necessary changes to establish a unique position and ultimately to gain the competitive edge needed to take their wine to the top.


Wine Education and Training

Wine Superhero can help you build a highly skilled winemaking team that is in tune with the wines sold in your target markets.

Educating your team in the market’s trends and preferred styles ensures they maintain an informed view and continue to make wines of a quality and style that are likely to respond to the expectations of key wine buyers. It will also enable them to prepare professional tastings to present your wine brands in the best possible light.

Wine Quality Assessment

Understanding the true quality of wine and its relative value is extremely insightful and important to the success of any business. Wine Superhero can provide a high quality, independent assessment at all stages of the wine journey, from post-vintage allocation tastings in winemaking regions to assessing bulk shipped wine in-market or post-bottling.

Our hero can also analyse any suspected wine faults and review the overall quality provided by your supply base, whether it be buying bulk or premium bottled wines. He can also offer the more straightforward quality assessment required for wine judging at international wine shows.


Wine Brand Creation

Wine Superhero offers a total bespoke solution to wine brand creation.

Bringing to bear his extensive market experience and in-depth understanding of consumer needs and preferences, our hero takes businesses through the complete process from identifying opportunity, creating potential brand innovation in the wine category, and carrying out benchmark tasting, to planning the target wine quality and style, managing winemaking plans, and facilitating professional buyer presentation of new brands.